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STI Scaffold Training course  is intended to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to become Scaffold Competent individuals in accordance with OSHA Scaffold Standards.


The scaffolding inspector course describes how to reduce the hazards such as falls, failing objects, structural instability, electrocution, and overloading so that the workers are properly protected. The scaffold training course provided by AVT Academy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is intended for those who must inspect newly installed or existing scaffolds.


The STI scaffold training course teaches delegates how to identify potential hazards on scaffold, thereby preventing accidents, and also ensures that delegates are aware of the international scaffold safety standards.

Scaffolding Inspector Course Details

All scaffolding inspectors must conduct a competent inspection that is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold. Competence in inspecting a specific type of system scaffold from a manufacturer/supplier is also required.


There are no specific requirements for enrolling in a scaffolding inspector course. In addition, anyone who is currently a scaffolder and wants to advance to inspector can enroll in this scaffolding course.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no formal prerequisites for scaffolding inspector course.

  • Candidates with a minimum basic knowledge & skills can successfully complete the scaffolding training.

  • It is recommended to have completed at least Intermediate Level Scaffolding Training.

  • A decent knowledge of safe erection and dismantling of scaffolding is required.


  • All Security Professionals (Supervisors, Officers, and Inspectors).

  • Engineers, Foremen, and Supervisors in the Construction Industry

  • Inspectors and Scaffold Technicians

  • Scaffold training is beneficial for Managers, Supervisors, & Operators who oversee inspecting scaffolds and compiling reports in accordance with statutory regulations.

Topics Include 

  • Scaffolds General Safety Requirements (OSHA Standard)

  • Frame Scaffold Erection and Dismantling

  • Tube and Clamps Scaffolds Erection and Dismantling

  • System Scaffold Erection and Dismantling (Cup lock)

  • Mobile Scaffolds

  • Suspended Scaffolds

  • Scaffold Inspection of all types

  • Scaffold Load Calculation

  • Scaffolds Demolition Operations Practical Training on Erection and Dismantling

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the OSHA Scaffold Standards.

  • Identify and eliminate existing and predictable hazards.

  • Inspect scaffolds before and after each work shift and identify the major items to look for when doing so.

  • If a scaffold is being assembled, changed, moved, or dismantled, keep an eye on it.

  • Describe the general requirements for Frame, Tube/Clamp, & Systems Scaffolding.

  • Determine the specific safety rules and procedures for erecting Tube & Clamp Scaffolding.



Scaffold training lasts 3 days at AVT Academy in Chennai, India. A full day of practical training will be provided to ensure that the candidates' basic competency level is met through a live demonstration of performing a scaffold inspection. On the final day of the scaffold training course, multiple-choice open book exam is administered.


  • The scaffold training helps participants understand the hazards of working with scaffolds and how these hazards can be reduced by performing regular inspections & supervising the proper methods of erecting, maintaining, and using scaffolding equipment.

  • The scaffold training teaches individuals who are in charge of inspecting and/or transferring scaffolds, how to inspect them for the quality and the safety in accordance with current standards and regulations.

  • In the case of a complex scaffold, it is possible that it may diverge from the construction drawing and that changes will be made. The obtained (business) certificate of professional competence is a valid documentation that an employee meets the Scaffolding directive's standards.

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